About Us

Rivalry Week is different...

At Rivalry Week Outfitters, we give life to the saying 'A picture is worth a thousand words.' Our designers meticulously revive forgotten mascot artwork from the golden age of sport, and put these iconic characters front and center for a new generation of fans. It's like that feeling of discovering a forgotten treasure in your grandparent's attic, just minus the dust and must.

But don't let our nostalgic side fool you, we know rivalries run deep. That's why our line of tasteful rivalry apparel is perfect for the fan who enjoys a rival's loss almost as much as a home team win.

Vintage Kansas State Hoodie - 1950s Strutting Varsity Wildcat Mascot Art Hoodie - rivalryweek

Curated Vintage Sports Artwork

We comb the archives to find unique mascot artwork from the good ol' days when a lil' strut and a scowl was encouraged

Vintage Georgia Rivalry T Shirt - Mid Century Bulldogs Art Shirt - rivalryweek

We Know Rivalry

Rivalry runs deep. Vintage mascots knew there was a time and place for things to come to fisticuffs. We honor the tradition and create modern apparel for rivalries that go back generations.

Vintage Duke Blue Devil Men's Tank Top - 1940s Dastardly Devil Art Mens Tank Top - rivalryweek

Premium Quality, Perfect Prints

We source quality materials and use state of the of the art printing technology to make sure your vintage inspired apparel Stands Out In the Stands. All products print and ship in the USA.